Everything Made In-House

We Are An Experienced Team Dedicated to Transforming Your Brand

Everything Made In-House

We Are An Experienced Team Dedicated to Transforming Your Brand


OBEY CREATIVE is different from other fully integrated digital marketing agencies.

It was started by seasoned entrepreneurs, Justin and April Obey to take what they’ve learned in their previous 15 years of startup experience and apply it to your success.

We are your fully integrated digital partner built to grow with you.

You get strategy and branding and all the tactical execution within creative, social media management, paid social, lead generation, influencer and affiliate marketing, email marketing, and graphic design all with one partner.


Our Core Values


Trust is the foundation of all success.


Don't wait for perfect. It doesn't exist. Instead, launch with "great", move fast, and improve along the way.


No regrets. Always do your best every step of the way. Own up to your mistakes and make them right.


Justin Obey

  • Founder of Social Boston Sports, active in-person community of 60,000+ members

    • bootstrapped from an initial investment of $4,000 to multi-million dollar revenue and sold in 2017
  • Built experiential marketing arm and worked with brands such as Tufts Medical Center, Circle.com (Finance & Crypto), Harpoon, Deep Eddy Vodka, Southern Comfort, Chipotle and more
  • Marketing Director --> CMO of national vodka brand
  • Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Obey Creative

April Obey

  • Digital Marketing & Media Executive for 8 years responsible for starting and growing the business to 2.3M within 12 months
  • Founder of April K Photography growing that to the leading boutique go-to photography company in Boston
  • Co-Founder & Creative Director of Obey Creative
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