Justin Mullen Interviews David Lillefloren, CEO of Sunraycer Renewables

Annapolis, MD – November 3, 2023 – Hyatt Commercial partners with CityBiz for an interview featuring David Lilleloren, the CEO of Sunraycer Renewables.

Sunraycer Renewables offers pre-NTP (Notice to Proceed) and acquisition capital to developers involved in various renewable energy projects. Their mission is to streamline the complexities of development and eliminate financing challenges.

Sunraycer is a leading renewable energy company focused on acquiring and developing solar and battery storage projects in the U.S. David Lilleloren, with 18 years of experience at Constellation, has a proven track record in strategy and growth in the energy sector. Additionally, David also served on the Board of Directors for Conergy, a global solar energy provider, from 2014 to 2020. In addition to his corporate expertise, he is a retired US Navy Commander. David’s diverse background makes him a driving force in advancing sustainable energy solutions at Sunraycer.

Justin explores David’s remarkable journey from a Naval Academy graduate, to an executive in a highly regulated industry, to leading an early-stage renewable energy business. During the interview, David emphasizes his entrepreneurial approach, citing his ability to innovate, whether examining retired assets & growth at Constellation Energy or applying that experience to his current role at Sunraycer. This unique perspective offers valuable insights into his successful career transition.

The full interview is available for viewing on CityBiz, providing a unique opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from an industry leader.

About Sunraycer Renewables:

Sunraycer Renewables is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, providing pre-NTP and acquisition capital to developers. Their collaborative approach simplifies development complexities and eradicates financing obstacles, making them a vital force in advancing renewable energy solutions. For more information, visit their website at sunraycer.com.

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